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Without the amenities, how can one enjoy condominium living? Well, Camella Manors Caloocan got them for you! Despite the affordable and quality condo units – who wouldn’t want to bask in some great amenities that’s worth your and your family’s time to enjoy? Most of us will never even have second thoughts on this.

First of all, just like in all CAMELLA communities – there’s security at 24x7. An exclusive community – it is well-secured with a perimeter fence surrounding the whole property and security guards patrolling the area. A home that is safe, secured and healthy is what you will get here. Isn’t this what we look for in our own home so there’s no worry for our loved ones?

Imagine resort-living in the city? Yes, it’s happening here. A swimming pool just gets all your senses high and excited. You may need to go and explore on this amenity many times, especially during the hot days of summer. Either you swim alone if you need solitude and privacy. Or maybe, have a great family bonding out there during weekends. School and work definitely take a toll on you and your family members so you deserve a weekend break of just swimming. This amenity is something that is always looked forward to so what else can we say but…enjoy it to the hilt!

Having a fitness gym around the community is always a big advantage. Isn’t it a joy to know that you and your family can exercise together? This fitness gym has state-of-the-art and modern equipment. Or perhaps, you prefer to do it by yourself alone in some days. Whatever it is, just do it! Run in the treadmill. Carry those dumbbells up! Stretch and curve your bodies. Jump, hop, run and crunch. Stretch some more and enjoy your health journey. Even though there are more kilos to lose – the important thing is you are doing it slowly and correctly. What a most convenient way to keep fit and healthy right in your own home – well, a few steps away from your home. We know that gym equipment is too pricey and might not fit in your space so this amenity is really the best option for you now.

Isn’t it nice to celebrate life’s milestones right in your own place? It brings with it so much convenience, accessibility and of course, saves you time, money and effort. It will be effortless if you do it in a Function Hall that the community will have. It is something special to both Camella and its Team as well as the residents themselves. Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, reunions, wedding anniversaries, baptismal parties, graduations, debutante parties or moving-up events – the Function Hall is waiting there for you. Just advise the Camella Team on your scheduled dates for reservations.

Lastly, commercial spaces in the future? Who wants to go just downstairs the house and be on a quick shopping mode? Every hour, every day and every week. Yes, ALL the time! Who needs a mall when there are commercial spots for you within the community – a bakeshop called Bake My Day, a coffee shop like Coffee Project, a supermarket for everyone– All Home, All Day Supermarket, a salon perhaps or a business center? These establishments are so helpful and convenient. It’s another testament to how the Camella community cares for its residents. Life’s conveniences are just within the corner, right within your doorsteps - all you need is to walk through them. How lucky can you be!

Now, with the relaxing greenspaces around and a host of top-notch facilities – this place is where you really can relax and unwind after a day of Zoom meetings or online learnings – can you beat that? Or, when you need to escape from the confines of your own home – take a peek outside and enjoy the views and facilities. No need to go far – you only need to be here at Camella Manors Caloocan.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Playpark
  • Verdant Landscapes
  • Jogging Path
  • Fitness Gym
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